Server Specials Offer – Dedibox Limited from €6.99 /month Server Specials Offer – Dedibox Limited from €6.99 /month is one of the leading web hosting providers in France. Since 1999 they have provided hosting services for Internet stakeholders of all sizes worldwide.

They offer a range of services including domain names, web hosting, dedicated servers and hosting in datacenter. And today Server Specials available, price from only €6.99 EUR per month

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Back to Work deals

The Back to Work deals are an opportunity to do some good business up to 75% off.
Take advantage of discounts on 10 out of our Dedicated Servers references!

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Personal family Dedicated

Édition limitée : C2750, 8Go RAM, 120Go SSD. Premier arrivé, premier servi. 6,99 €/Month

Start family Dedicated

Édition limitée : Xeon E3-1230v3, 16Go RAM, 2To SATA (ma préférée :D) 16,99 €/MO

Pro family Dedicated

Édition limitée :: Xeon E5 1650, 64GB RAM, 2x600GB Storage, 44,99 €/MO

DEDIBOX® Dedicated Servers Features

  • All Dedibox® dedicated servers are equipped with ECC memory with error correction
  • Technical assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by ticket and telephone, in French, English and German.
  • All servers and infrastructure are by default protected against denial of service attacks (DDoS).
  • Most of servers from the Dedibox® MD provide a hardware RAID, providing reliability and performance.
  • Storage is customizable at no extra cost from the Dedibox MD®. For the same price, choose between SATA, SAS or SSD.
  • The Dedibox servers feature a hardware KVM over IP and remote virtual media as standard.
  • They operate a simple, ultra fast and reliable network. Their AS12876 network has large capacities with numerous transits and exchange points, using the best equipment of the market. their servers are IPv6 compatible.

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6 Responses to “ Server Specials Offer – Dedibox Limited from €6.99 /month”

  1. Mateus Batalha says:

    Anyone had a special offer like that?
    I’m interested.

  2. Milo Howser says:

    I think that 42 is not the real number of available stock, maybe the stock decreases untill it reaches 42 then it decrease in real time according to live stock available, I’ve noticed this last time with the 1115 servers

  3. admin says:

    In stock!

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