launch C14 – The New Cloud Archive Service from 0,002€ per GB launch C14 – The New Cloud Archive Service from 0,002€ per GB

C14 is a unique service of cloud long-term storage designed from scratch to provide very high security, made by the electronics team of Online Labs. C14 Features

  • C14 is designed to store huge volume of data for long term, like digital archiving, digital long term preservation, logs storage, pictures, videos, backups, disaster recovery plan…
  • C14 offers the lowest TCO of market. You pay only on usage based, on storage volume, with minimum volume of 1GB only. There are no hidden fees, no bandwidth or transfer fees, only your storage volume and archive / unarchive operations are billed on usage basis.
  • Support FTP, SFTP, Rsync or SCP, then with our API or with 1 click in your customer panel archive it in C14.
  • C14 support in standard unlimited number of safe-deposit box. Each safe-deposit box can store 4 billions of files and 40TB.

C14 Plans

Durability Cost of storage Cost of operations Upload Download
Standard 0.002 per GB / month 0.010 per GB Free Free
Entreprise 0.003 per GB / month 0.020 per GB Free Free

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