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[Black Friday 2019] Online.net – Deals up to 80% Off

[Black Friday 2019] Online.net - Deals up to 80% Off

For this 2019 edition of Black Friday, Online.net are offering outstanding offers of up to 80% off on dedicated servers. You have been warned, no excuse for being late!

Black Friday Dedicated Server

=> Get your server now

Black Friday Bare Metal Cloud Servers

They are now offering high-end Bare Metal Cloud Servers billed by the hour available on our cloud ecosystem: Scaleway Elements.

=> Discover Bare Metal Servers

Black Friday Powerful Virtual Instances

Their virtual instances are perfect to complete your dedicated servers or to start your transition to the cloud. Delivered in seconds with backup, network and security options, they are available from €0.006/hour.

=> Discover Powerfull Virtual Instances


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