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Digital-VM.com was founded late 2018, with a business case to provide the fastest and more stable Cloud/VPS infrastructure all over the world. They are specialized in “exotic” locations, like Asia, UAE, South America. Their mission is to deliver 100% uptime with fastest speeds available in that region.

We are happy to introduce our new Windows operating systems. The excitement is here and so are our Windows operating system. Now you can choose from any of these Windows operating systems below during your signup.

Use promo code “windows50” today to take advantage of this great offer!

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Power VM Plans

Your VM online within 2 minutes, just chose your plan, create your account and with our amazing instant activation, your VM will be online and ready to host your applications in no time!

Storage VM Plans

Network Information

Digital-VM have over 15 locations by the end of 2019. Starting from Asia, continuing with Europe and USA, Digital-VM will aim to finish its expansion with UAE.

Tokyo, Japan

  • Test PING/TRACE: speed.jp.digital-vm.com


  • Test PING/TRACE: speed.sg.digital-vm.com

Los Angeles, USA

  • Test PING/TRACE: speed.la.us.digital-vm.com

Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Test PING/TRACE: speed.nl.digital-vm.com

London, UK

  • Test PING/TRACE: speed.uk.digital-vm.com

Madrid, Spain

  • Test PING/TRACE: speed.es.digital-vm.com

Oslo, Norway

  • Test PING/TRACE: speed.no.digital-vm.com

Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Test PING/TRACE: speed.dk.digital-vm.com
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