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Luna Node – Cloud KVM billed hourly from $0.005/hour – Total Solar Eclipse Triple Credit Promotion!

Luna Node - Cloud KVM billed hourly from $0.005/hour - Total Solar Eclipse Triple Credit Promotion!

About Luna Node

Based in Canada, Luna Node provide high-performance and feature-rich cloud services at affordable prices. Using state of the art technologies including OpenStack, KVM, and their own lndynamic control panel, With pure SSD or SSD-cached RAID10 storage and fast Intel Xeon CPUs, their cloud servers have the speed and reliability to fit your needs.

Cloud Features

  • Upload your own ISO images
  • You can snapshot your VM at any time to extract the current disk state.
  • Security groups allow you to define ingress and egress traffic restrictions on groups of virtual machines.
  • Startup scripts are shell or cloud-init scripts that are executed when newly provisioned VMs boot for the first time.
  • Volumes are detachable block storage devices that are stored on our high availability Ceph RBD cluster.
  • Floating IP addresses enables dynamic IP address association with virtual machine instances
  • Their fault-tolerant uptime monitoring system allows you to quickly setup checks to make sure your application is running smoothly
  • Their powerful API enables you to write software to automate VM management


In addition to bringing those of you in North America the total solar eclipse today, they are also tripling the credit for new customers! No promotion code is required. Just sign up for an account and add credit. That means that if you pay $10, then you get an extra $20 in promotional credit for a total $30. The offer is limited to $20 in promotional credit, so if you pay $20, then you will get a total of $40 credit.

Simply sign up for an account, and then enter ECLIPSE for the promotion code when making your payment.

Cloud VPS Plans

SSD-Cached High-Memory Virtual Machines – Start from $0.0057 or $4.1/month

SSD-Cached Standard Virtual Machines – Start from $0.0072/month or $5.18/month

SSD Standard Virtual Machines – Start from $0.0063/month or $4.5/month


SSD plans are only available in Toronto.

Special Plans

+ Special 2048: $0.0097/hour or $7/month
+ Special 1536: $0.0072/hour or $5.18/month

How to get special plans:



Extra Bandwidth $0.003/mo per additional GB
Tenant Networks $4/mo
Storage $0.03/mo per GB
Floating IPs $1/mo per additional IP

Payment Information

They accept payments via credit card, Paypal, Bitcoin, or Interac e-Transfer.

Network Information

They feature a 10gbps internal network with 1gbps external connectivity in all regions, and exclusively use KVM virtualization for their services.

Toronto, ON, Canada
+ Test IPv4:
+ Test IPv6: 2602:ffb6:2:0:f816:3eff:fecd:8ab7
+ Test file: http://toronto-test.lunanode.com/100MB.test

Montreal, QC, Canada
+ Test IPv4:
+ Test file: http://montreal-test.lunanode.com/100MB.test

Roubaix, France
+ Test IPv4:
+ Test file: http://rbx-test.lunanode.com/100MB.test

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