EvoBurst Solutions – VPN Special only $11/year

EvoBurst Solutions – VPN Special only $11/year

All EvoBurst Servers have the following features:

  • Access to ALL Cores on the Host Node, in Shared Core arrangements.
  • Unlimited, Automated Reinstalls
  • /64 IPv6 Per VPS Server Spawned.

EvoBurst – VPN Special *LIMITED*

1 CPU Core
256MB Dedicated RAM
5GB Storage (SSD or SAS – Location Dependant)
1 Dedicated IPv4 + /64 IPv6 Subnet
1TB Premium Bandwidth
€10.00 Per YEAR! (Approx: $11USD Per Year)
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Network Information

Seattle, Washington

IPv6: 2604:880:8:2::2

Dronten, The Netherlands

IPv6: 2a00:1ca8:26::4

Los Angeles, California

IPv6: 2602:ffda:da:2:216:3eff:fe25:a00c

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