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BatuCloud – Cheap High RAM VPS Deals – 20GB RAM only $10/month

About BatuCloud

Our company is a game hosting company established in 2020. Our company generally offers game servers, hosting, virtual server, dedicated server and hosting services. Our aim to enter the game industry is to bring people to new generation services and to provide safe services. We are constantly investing in the future and working to serve you better. We invest 95% of our earnings by investing in new server/hardware/software etc. materials and we grow with your satisfaction, and we pay you for your trust by increasing our quality day by day with the most affordable prices.

Our company is also very meticulous about the business partners and supplier companies it works with. Our services aim to provide our valued customers with the best software, the best hardware and the best service in the Web Hosting industry.

BatuCloud offer Discounted 10 Gbps virtual server for LET users.


  • 20 GB Memory
  • 10 Core CPU
  • 120 GB NVMe
  • 1 IP
  • 10 Gbps Port | 20TB Traffic
  • Turkey Location
  • Linux and Windows Supported.
  • Custom ISO
  • $10/Mo | ORDER NOW

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Note: In order to confirm the order, you need to make a reply the topic on LET forum and add the invoice or order number to the subject. 

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