Podcast – get $20 Linode Credit toward your first bill!

Podcast – get $20 Linode Credit toward your first bill!

Podcast.init is a show about the Python programming language and the awesome community that has grown up around it.

Podcast & Linode offer $20 credit toward your first bill!


Use promo code  for $20 credit


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Instantly deploy and get a Linode Cloud Server up and running in seconds with your choice of Linux distro, resources, and node location.

•  SSD Storage
•  40Gbit Network
•  Intel E5 Processors

About Linode

Linode was launched in June of 2003 by founder Christopher S. Aker. Initial development took about 6 months. Linode was ahead of its time and helped define the cloud hosting industry, and continues to be a leader in virtualization hosting.

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