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JavaProvider.net – 50% Off JSP/Java Hosting

JavaProvider.net - 50% Off JSP/Java Hosting

JavaProvider.net offers budget friendly Java Hosting since 2008. Today, they offer 50% recurring discount coupon for Tomcat and Tomcat Pro packages ordered in November 2021: WHT50P14 (new clients only)

For these of you who need more heap memory (320MB+) they offer VPS packages with SolusVM control panel. Each VPS comes with basic OS or any set of open source software preinstalled. Dedciated servers are available too.

Private JVM Java Hosting Package:

  • NEW! API for Java Control Panel
  • Pure SSD hosting
  • Dedicated JVM – no JVM sharing
  • Monthly/Weekly Backup Service
  • Multiple WAR applications and multiple domains
  • Ant and Maven
  • Apache Tomcat any version (other application servers possible)
  • SSH access
  • JDK any version
  • Java Control Panel to restart Tomcat, change Tomcat/JDK version, monitor memory usage etc.
  • Servlets, JSP, JSF, Spring, Hibernate, JSTL, Struts, Grails, EJB 3.0 and more
  • Upgrade Heap size anytime. Example: $5/month for 256MB. 30% discount for 512MB addon
  • Databases: MYSQL 5.7 PostgreSQL 12, MongoDB, CouchDB
  • CVS/Subversion (SVN)/GIT/Mercurial repository
  • PHP 7, Python 3, Perl, Ruby
  • Free JavaProvider.net subdomain/alias
  • All typical cPanel features

Java Hosting Plans

Private Tomcat

  • Disk Space (SSD): 10GB
  • Heap Size: 160MB
  • Metaspace Size: 160MB
  • Traffic: 500GB
  • Monthly: $9.99
  • Order Link

Private Tomcat Pro

  • All Private Tomcat features
  • HeapSize: 320MB
  • Metaspace Size: 320MB
  • Monthly: $19.99
  • Recommended for Grails, Cyclos and other complex frameworks or webapps
  • Order Link


Their servers are located in U.S and Germany.
They use colo4dallas. They are plugged into 100Mbit port. They own their servers and manage them. KVM is used to manage these servers. If any hardware related problems occur their datacenter will provide remote hands.

The German-based data center They use, located in Frankfurt am Main, provides a reliable, fast and affordable colocation. Very similar to the U.S colocation, just that it is located in Germany. If you are customer from UK, Europe They will put your account there.

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