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Edgevirt – Miami 10Gbps KVM VPS from $1.75/month

Edgevirt, a new Infrastructure as a Service Provider driven by an obsession for all things technology, telecoms, data centers as well as a core belief in our values. Led by a team of industry veterans and entrepreneurs with over twenty years of infrastructure and data center experience.

They offer special KVM VPS from $1.75/month in Miami.

Virtual Compute Pricing

Deploy scalable virtual servers across the globe, on demand for when you need it.

With CEPH backed SSD storage, 10Gbps public + private networking and free snapshots there’s soo much to love about Edgevirt’s Virtual Comptue

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Special VM Compute

Miami Virtual Compute – VM-C-G2-4G

  • Processor: 2 Core
  • Memory: 4GB DDR4
  • Storage: 50GB SSD
  • Bandwidth: 20TB
  • Port Speed: Nx10Gbps
  • IP Addresses: 1 v4 + 1 v6
  • Region: Miami
  • Price (Paid Annually): $4.00 / Month
  • Price (Paid Semi-Annually): $5.00 / Month
  • Price (Paid Quarterly): $6.00 / Month
  • Price (Paid Monthly): $7.00 / Month
  • Order Link

Payment Information

 Credit Card (Stripe), Paypal & Cryptocurrency (Coinbase), Wechat Pay & AliPay.

Network Information

  • Looking Glass: https://lg.bb.edgevirt.com/
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