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Top 10 Best VPS Provider in Los Angeles (2024)

Are you looking for cost-effective VPS Hosting for your business project? There are top 10 Best VPS Hosting Providers in Los Angeles!

Los Angeles is a coastal city located approximately 15 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean. It is the second largest city by population in the United States.

Los Angeles, California, is the predominant United States West Coast data hub. It is home to One Wilshire, one of the most connected network points in the world. Large amounts of traffic to and from Asia land in Los Angeles. This makes it a good location to serve customers in Asia, or for accessing services in the United States while in Asia.

1. RackNerd – Top #1 Low End Provider

RackNerd is a diverse and global provider of Infrastructure as a Service solutions. They offer services such as dedicated servers, KVM VPS hosting, and colocation in multiple locations. RackNerd operates out of 20 datacenters across 17 different locations in North America, Europe, and Asia.

RackNerd’s Los Angeles datacenter location is a great fit. Featuring all premium carriers, this location is also a member of CoreSite’s Any2Exchange — which provides direct peering and improved network performance to hundreds of facilities on the West Coast.

Visit RackNerd

Website www.racknerd.com
Looking Glass https://www.racknerd.com/los-angeles-dc02-datacenter

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KVM VPS Deployed in Los Angeles

With RAID-10 protected Pure SSD storage, you can’t go wrong with RackNerd’s KVM VPS solutions! KVM VPS in Los Angeles, San Jose, Seattle, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, New Jersey, New York, Ashburn, and Amsterdam Instantly Provisioned.

2. Vultr Cloud VPS / Server

Vultr is a global cloud hosting provider that offers fast SSD VPS cloud servers with 100% KVM virtualization. They provide a range of products including optimized cloud compute instances, bare metal servers, block storage, cloud compute instances, Kubernetes, object storage, and more!

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Visit Vultr

Website www.vultr.com
Pricing https://www.vultr.com/pricing/
Looking Glass https://lax-ca-us-ping.vultr.com/


3. Cloudcone – Los Angeles Cloud VPS

Cloudcone is a provider of managed cloud services, dedicated servers, and cloud services. They offer scalable cloud servers for powerful computing, hosted business email, virtual private servers, DDoS protection, and more!  Los Angeles data centers provide comprehensive redundancy in electrical power, heating and air conditioning (HVAC), fire suppression (FM-200), double electrical power plants, UPS battery power and diesel-powered generators to each valuable hypervisor with your data.

Visit Cloudcone

Website cloudcone.com
Pricing https://cloudcone.com/vps/#pricingtitle
Looking Glass http://la.lg.cloudc.one/

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4. Bandwagon Host – China / Asia Optimized Network

Bandwagon Host is owned and operated by IT7 Networks Inc. They are a VPS hosting provider that offers a range of affordable VPS hosting options. They have multiple data centers to choose from, including locations in the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, and Europe! One of the unique features of Bandwagon Host is that they allow users to change their data center location and switch IP addresses!

Visit Bandwagon Host

Website bandwagonhost.com

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Los Angeles VPS Features – CHINA DIRECT ROUTE

VPS technology: OpenVZ & KVM/KiwiVM
Linux OS: 32-bit and 64-bit Centos, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora
Instant OS reload
1 Dedicated IPv4 address
Full root access
PPP and VPN support (tun/tap)
Instant RDNS update from control panel
No contract, anytime cancellation
Strictly self-managed, no support
99% uptime guarantee
30-day money back guarantee
Location: Los Angeles (no other locations available on this plan)
Direct route via China Telecom and China Unicom

5. DediPath – Powerful Ryzen VPS  in Los Angeles

DediPath is a provider of infrastructure as a service (IaaS). At Dedipath we focus on offering great service and support at a highly competitive price. DediPath offers quickly deployed hybrid, VPS, Dedicated servers. Servers feature enterprise hardware, 99.99% uptime SLA, 1Gbps network port speed, and 10Tbps On Demand Network Level Protection.

Visit DediPath

Website dedipath.com
Looking Glass https://dedipath.com/network/#los-angeles

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6. HostUS – High Performance Ryzen KVM VPS in Los Angeles

HostUS is a web hosting provider. They offer shared cPanel hosting, reseller cPanel hosting, unmanaged OpenVZ virtual servers, unmanaged KVM virtual servers, fully managed OpenVZ virtual servers, and LIR / network services.

As with all HostUS plans, these come fully feature packed – backed by high performance Ryzen CPU cores, RAID 1 NVMe storage and premium networks. You have full selection of the common Linux / BSD OSes, and Windows is available on 2GB+ RAM plans. Upon request we can load any custom ISO you want to install, and one FREE snapshot is included.

In Los Angeles and Dallas, all services are connected to two diverse network paths using VRRP for 2N network redundancy, and all routes are highly optimized with Noction IRP!

Visit HostUS

Website hostus.us
Network https://hostus.us/los-angeles-california-datacenter.html

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HostUS VPS in Los Angeles

7. ExtraVM – Los Angeles VPS Hosting Provider

ExtraVM (REG TEXAS, USA) has been offering hosting services since 2014 (7 years!) and has continually expanded locations and upgraded hardware. Many of their locations and servers run on Ryzen or i7 CPUs, and they plan to migrate older Intel systems to Ryzen in the near future. They provide DDoS protection in select locations.

Visit ExtraVM

Website extravm.com
Pricing https://extravm.com/los-angeles-vps.php

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Los Angeles VPS Plans

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8. StarryDNS – Realiable and High Performance Hosting Services

StarryDNS is registered as “Shenzhen Tinmok Network Information Co, Ltd” in Shenzhen China. They have been in business since 2012, offering VPS and dedicated servers in Asia. They colocate their enterprise hardwares and network devices in tier 3 datacentres.

Visit StarryDNS

Website https://www.starrydns.com/en
Pricing https://www.starrydns.com/tc/usa-vps
Speed Test https://www.starrydns.com/en/speedtest

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9. Hawk Host – Best Web Hosting / VPS Hosting in Los Angeles

Hawk Host was founded in 2004 and provides shared hosting, reseller hosting, semi-dedicated and virtual hosting in Dallas, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Amsterdam NL, Singapore SG and Hong Kong China. They leverage their extensive knowledge of web hosting and software development to create reliable self sustaining solutions.

Visit Hawk Host

Website www.hawkhost.com
Pricing https://www.hawkhost.com/vps-hosting
Network https://www.hawkhost.com/our-hosting-network

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Cloud VPS Plans

10. InterServer

InterServer.net has been providing the same services for the last 16 years! Although the technology has changed from the time they first opened in 1999. Their core principals of quality service and support have remained the same. Over the years their company has expanded its product offerings to include dedicated servers, colocation and other managed services.

Los Angeles is home to many of Internet content and entertainment customers. They provide services to motion pictures, television, video games, and recorded music firms. With Web video usage growing exponentially, the Equinix IBX centers in the Los Angeles area have been key to the network strategies of Internet content and entertainment companies looking to reach their end-users quickly.

Visit InterServer

Website interserver.net
Pricing https://www.interserver.net/vps/
Network https://www.interserver.net/about/datacenter/los-angeles-datacenter.html


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