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LyraHosting – 50% off on new Offshore Anti-DDoS Protection

🔥 LyraHosting is having a red hot summer news and sale! 🔥

Looking for an offshore anti-ddos protection completely customizable at an unbeatable price? Try new Anti DDoS Protection for your Website, just €9.99/m for the first month with code: LS50

=> [ Promo Link ]

LyraShield Features

  • Branded new Free Protection Control Panel
  • Up to 2 protected ports
  • DDoS Protection Web Application Firewall
  • Possibility to Block/Allow: Countries, Useragent, IPs, ASN
  • Whitelist Directories & Queries
  • Website Speed Improvement
  • 6 pre-configured Protection mode, included: JS Challenge and Captcha

Get started with LyraShield today and experience reliable, lightning-fast performance, and 24/7 expert customer support.

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