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Get 49% off Greenbar EV SSL from SSLs.com

Get 49% off Greenbar EV SSL from SSLs.com

SSLs.com – A member of Namecheap group. They offers 49% off EV SSL from $58.88/Year (Valid for 4 years), and 39% off $120.88/Year  (For multiple domains, valid for 4 years)

+ Comodo Certificate
+ 1 domain or multiple domains
+ 15 days refund

Order Herehttps://www.ssls.com/cheap-ev-ssl or https://www.ssls.com/validation-type/extended-validation

What is the EV Certificate? 

An Extended Validation Certificate (EV) is a public key certificate that proves the legal entity controlling a web site or software package. Obtaining an EV certificate requires verification of the requesting entity’s identity by a certificate authority (CA). EV certificates are used when establishing HTTPS connections between web browsers and web servers. Web browsers show the verified legal identity prominently in their user interface, either before, or instead of, the domain name. (Wikipedia)


A example of Extended Validation Certificate (EV SSL)

If you want get a Positive SSL from SSLs.com. Please click $3.88/Year PositiveSSL.

November Specials Coupon

No security is flawless, but SSL certificates help verify and encrypt web traffic so can get peace of mind about phishing scammers.

  • EssentialSSL: $28.99/YR $9.88/YR* => Get Now
  • EssentialSSL Wildcard: $98.99/YR $68.88/YR* => Get Now
  • EV SSL: $144.99/YR $70.88/YR* => Get Now

Simply enter the coupon code NOVEMBER2018 at checkout or follow the links above.

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