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[Black Friday 2015] OneProvider – Dedicated Servers Limited Offers start from €7/month

[Black Friday 2015] OneProvider - Dedicated Servers Limited Offers start from €7/month

Black Friday Dedicated Servers in Paris, France

Today, OneProdiver offer a Black friday dedicated servers start from €7/month with 2GB RAM, 160 GB HDD, 1 Gbps Network.

All dedicated servers in this location include:

  • Automatic reboot
  • IPMI (iLo/iDrac) access
  • Hardware Watch
  • rDNS modification
  • Basic DDoS Protection
  • DDoS Alert list
  • Rescue mode
  • Support français!

=> Get Deal: Click Here

Server Limited Offers

OneProvider Black Friday Dedicated servers in Paris, France pricing

About OneProvider

OneProvider is a Canadian company that provides a full suite of online solutions and consolidation services for your business or personal needs. They offer dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, and colocation in over 125 locations through-out the world. They bring together the services of over 80 upstream providers, all in one place, with a single bill and a single control panel to monitor your entire fleet of services.

Why a Dedicated server?

Dedicated servers are more flexible than shared hosting, as your organization have full control over the server(s), including choice of operating system and hardware. Try the power of our worldwide hosting service today!
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