INIZ – 25% off for life Singapore VPS Hosting from $24/year

INIZ – 25% off for life Singapore VPS Hosting from $24/year

INIZ currently working on expanding their offering and have new plans & locations. They now have our first APAC location in Singapore.

Special launch offer available for a limited time, get 25% off for life using code SGLAUNCH at checkout on all monthly plans!

Singapore VPS Plans


– 1 vCore, 25GB HDD, 256MB RAM, 128MB vSwap, 400GB Bandwidth
– Price: $23.65/year


– 2 vCore, 50GB HDD, 512MB RAM, 256MB vSwap, 800GB Bandwidth
– Price $3.94/month


– 3 vCore, 75GB HDD, 1024MB RAM, 512MB vSwap, 1200GB Bandwidth
– Price:$7.88/month


– 4 vCore, 100GB HDD, 2048MB RAM, 1024MB vSwap, 1500GB Bandwidth
– Price: $11.82/month


– 4 vCore, 125GB HDD, 4096MB RAM, 2048MB vSwap, 2000GB Bandwidth
– Price: $15.76/month

– 6 vCore, 150GB HDD, 8192MB RAM, 4096MB vSwap, 2500GB Bandwidth
– Price: $19.7/month

INIZ Singapore Node

  • All our OpenVZ nodes consist of a minimum of Dual Intel CPUs, 128GB RAM, 8 enterprise-grade hard drives in RAID10 array. This gives great performance and reliability for all clients on the nodes.
  • All VPSs in Singapore have access to 1Gbps network uplink based on fair usage.
  • All virtual servers come with one dedicated IPv4, request IPv6 for free and purchase additional IPv4s at £1/month.
  • You can easily upgrade or downgrade between the plans we offer without having to wait around or submit ticket.

Singapore Location Information

+ Test IP:
+ Test IPv6: 2a02:2ca0:3a::1
+ Test File: 100MB


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