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Farbyte – Cheap Managed Cloud VPS from £6.60/month

Farbyte - Cheap Managed Cloud VPS from £6.60/month

Farbyte offer Premium UK Cloud Virtual Server Hosting Offer with Intel OPTANE NVME. You can get started today for around $8 / month!!!

About Farbyte

In early 2006, Farbyte‘s founder, Mark was tired with the poor reliability, support & performance provided by many of the website hosting companies in the UK & abroad.

Having experienced numerous disappointments over the years with web hosting companies both large & small, he decided enough was enough.

With over 20 years experience in designing & supporting highly available enterprise solutions for the UK government, banks & other commercial enterprises, Mark set about designing a reliable, affordable web hosting solution, for customers without huge corporate or government budgets.

Cloud VPS Infrastructure

Your business is important to you and your data is your most valuable digital asset. At Farbyte we understand this & have created a VPS hosting platform focused not only on performance, but uptime too! Every VPS is stored on our triple-replicated, distributed cloud storage platform.

Bargain Cloud Virtual Machines & Infrastructure!

At Farbyte theyy provide premium featured cloud VPS hosting at a fraction of the price.

Features included with all plans:

  • FREE – bandwidth with all VPS
  • FREE – reverse DNS
  • FREE – server / webiste migration
  • Public IPv4 & IPv6 addresses
  • Triple-replicated, distributed storage
  • Automated server failover (cloud)
  • Isolated hosting environment
  • Defined resource allocations (RAM, CPU, disk IO, etc.)
  • Click for Managed & Click for Unmanaged VPS
  • No contracts
  • Simple, easy billing
  • Flexible upgrades & downgrades
  • 99.99% uptime
  • ISO 9000/27001 data centers
  • 30 Day Guarantee
  • + more.

Cloud OpenVZ VPS Plans


  • FREE DNS hosting
  • OpenVZ – instant deployment
  • Order Link

Cloud KVM VPS Plans

  • FREE VPS firewalls
  • snapshots (optional)
  • Unmetered private VLAN (optional)
  • KVM – Virtual infrastructure nearly 90% cheaper than AWS, Google & Azure!
  • Order Link

All Farbyte VPS services are located in Manchester, UK.

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