Dediserve – 40% OFF Sale Offer 16 Global KVM Clouds – Valid until the end of January 2018 only in Chicago

Dediserve – 40% OFF Sale Offer 16 Global KVM Clouds – Valid until the end of January 2018 only in Chicago

Dediserve was founded in the beginning of 2009 by a team with many decades of experience in mission critical managed hosting services and datacentre operations at market leading levels.

Dediserve Cloud Features

  • 250Mbps Uplinks, Free 1Gbps Private LAN, Storage LAN & Firewalls
  • 1.5TB Outbound transfer per GB of RAM, Free Inbound
  • Snapshot Backup and Custom Template Engine (50GB included free)
  • 24 / 7 / 365 Comprehensive Support
  • Permanent KVM console to all servers
  • Global AnyCast DNS Platform
  • Comprehensive API, iOS and Android Apps
  • 24/7/365 Comprehensive Support

Dediserve Promotions

+ 40% off all services Valid until the end of January 2018 only in Chicago

I just wanted to give you a quick nudge to let you know we currently have 40% off Flexible Resources and Fixed Instances at our Chicago, USA location!
This is only available till the 31st of January, Claim the discount by applying promo code HAPPY2018 with Chicago selected 🙂

Please click the below link to take you to our Resource order page with your discount pre-applied.

Order Link

=> With 40% you can get: KVM/ 2 Cores/ 2GB RAM/ 30GB SSD/ 1IP v4/ 10GB Free Snapshot/ only €8.97 EURO/month.

+ 10% OFF – Dediserve expands into Jakarta, Indonesia

Based in the heart of Jakarta, their platform offers fantastic local peering and access, as well as word-class international transit. As standard they offer generous amounts of both international and internal transit within Indonesia.

To celebrate the launch of their new Indonesian platform and as we do to celebrate every new launch they are offering an incredible.

+ 15% OFF Spring Sale – Dallas2, Vienna and Frankfurt

To welcome in the spring and the start of the year, they offering 50% recurring coupon. You can deploy your new server in any of their state of the art platforms in the new Dallas 2 location, Vienna or Frankfurt locations.

Note: The promotion expires 1700GMT, Friday the 26th of February 2016.. Offer is open to new and existing customers but can not replace / migrate an existing account.

16 Global Clouds


+ Looking Glass

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