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[New Year 2024] SpikeTel – 24% OFF For All – Hong Kong VPS from $1.16/month

Spike Telecom provides Deidcated Servers, IP Transit, Colocation and Airport Landing services.

VPS products are:

  • LightCloud: Suitable for Hong Kong local and NA traffic. The most cost-effective VPS series, best for Hong Kong landing.
  • StandardCloud: Suitable for Asia interconnection.
  • PrimerCloud: ①Best-effort Hong Kong to Mainland China CMCC traffic. Lumen-CMI.

SpikeTel New Year 2024 Coupon Codes

  • Promo Code: NewYear24OFF to get 24% recurring discount on all VPS series, available until HKT Jan/1/2024.
  • Promo Code: NewYear24Esse on LightCloud, StandardCloud & PrimerCloud Essence model, starting from $1.16/mo.

Available until HKT Jan/1/2024, total 60 units limited, each account is eligible for purchasing 1 unit. Orders are manully activated, or will be cancelled if does not meet the requirements or remain unpaid over 30 minutes.
Choose ‘Monthly Billing Cycle’ when order to get 12-month recurring discount.

VPS Plans

  • vCPU – 1 Core AMD EPYC 7402P
  • vRAM – 512 MB DDR4 REG ECC
  • DISK – 8 GB SSD RAID10
  • Traffic – 500 GB (two-way)
  • Port – 500 Mbps
  • IPV4 – 1x IPV4
  • IPV6 – 1x /48
  • LightCloud => Order Link ($1.99/mo $1.16/mo)
  • StandardCloud => Order Link ($2.99/mo $1.74/mo)
  • PrimerCloud => Order Link ($5.99/mo $3.49/mo)

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