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RoboVPS offers: FTP backup from 2₽ per 1 GB

RoboVPS FTP backup storage in Germany

Storage based on RAID10 h/w controller with battery, port speed is 1 Gbit/sec. Traffic is unmetered.

Use Promo Code: 10129050

FTP Backup Plans

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FTP server

FTP server from ROBOVPS provide you space for storing, uploading, downloading any of your data from all the world and with using any type of devices.

You can hold backup of your sites, servers by creating cron task for copying data to FTP server, upload your videosurvillance records and any other type of data.

FTP+TLS protocol give you secure and crypted connection without risk of capturing your data.

You can use included into FTP server panel file manager to make modification in your data, rename, upload or download them right from your browser.

Connection speed of each FTP server account is 1 GBit.

Looking Glass: https://www.robovps.biz/en/help/55-our_data_center.html

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