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NexHost – $5.50 1GB KVM VPS – DDoS Protected – Custom ISO

NexHost - $5.50 1GB KVM VPS - DDoS Protected - Custom ISO

NexHost has everything you need for more bang for your buck

99.99% Uptime

NextHost is powered by high-spec servers with 16 Core CPU’s ensuring optimal uptime and preformance. If our network if unavailable for more than 45 minutes, excluding scheduled maintenance, your account will be credited.

Professional Support

Our team of dedicated professionals are on hand to help answer any question or concern you might have. With options ranging from live chat support to tickets, it can be assured that no question will be left unanswered.

Ultimate Security

Each and every one of our accounts are DDoS protected, secured with the latest technology and security methods, and are either physically or virtually isolated ensuring minimal data loss.

We’re primarily focused on delivering DDoS Protected services that matter to the end user, all of our providers are carefully selected, our budget line of KVM VPS’s are ideal for Teamspeak servers and or Game Servers and or other services you may have

Our DDoS Mitigation is different, It allows UDP Traffic Similar to Staminus instead of just Dropping UDP during a flood completely, This reduces false positives and ensures the service/application/server is kept running.

Offer VPS Plans

* 1 IPV4
* DDoS Protection (L4+L7)
* 25GB Disk Space
* 4 CPU Cores
* KVM Virt.
* 1Gbps (Shared Port)
* 1TB Bandwidth
* VPS Management (Control Panel)
* Best Effort I/O
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DDoS Protected Web Hosting Packages (Yearly Option)

Yearly Offer 1 ($6.00 /Year)

RAID 10 Disk Space 2GB
Monthly Bandwidth 100GB
DDoS Protected
Unlimited MySql, Email, FTP
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Yearly Offer 2 ($10.00 /Year)

RAID 10 Disk Space 5GB
Monthly Bandwidth 300GB
DDoS Protected
Unlimited MySql, Email, FTP
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Datacenter: Dallas TX
Test IP :

Chat on our Team Speak
Payment Methods: PayPal, Amazon Payments (Coming soon)

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