drServer.net – 150 GB XEN Storage VPS at $19.99/Year

drServer.net – 150 GB XEN Storage VPS at $19.99/Year

We want to announce that we have launched a new XenStorage offer, allowing to get a lot of storage at a very, very cheap rate.

XS – WBP#5 – Xenstorage 150GEN2
2 Cores
256 MB RAM
500 GB @ 1 Gbps
1 IPv4 and 3 IPv6
Location: Chicago Equinix
Price: $19.99/Year
Order link

This server is backed up by 2 SSDs for caching, which means that your most important files are accessible at superb speeds.

Please note: If the offered resources are not enough or too much for you, we can customize them. Please contact us for details in this case.

Thank you for your time, reading the offer. We appreciate it, if you decide to try it.

Have a good day,
drServer Team

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