[Valentines Day 2019] 1GServers.com – Auto deploy dedicated servers only $39/month

[Valentines Day 2019] 1GServers.com – Auto deploy dedicated servers only $39/month

1GServers.com – Valentines Day (February 2018) Special

If you’re looking for an affordable single processor dedicated server with fast auto provisioning and at a great price, then look no further. We’ve set aside a popular configuration specifically for Low End Talk users to save the most money this Valentines day as follows:

  • E3-1240v3 (4 total cores / 8 total threads)
  • 16 GB ECC RAM
  • 1TB WD Enterprise HDD
  • 20TB on 1gbps port
  • Comes with /31 primary (1 usable IP)
  • CentOS 6/7 or Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • Auto deploy ~ 20 mins
  • Phoenix, AZ USA Datacenter
  • Only $39/month
  • Get this server here:
  • https://1gservers.com/auto-deploy-servers-letfeb2019.html

What are some other advantages?

Here are some upgrades they offer:

  1. 20% quarterly discount (excl bandwidth & IPs)
  2. 100TB of monthly transfer for only $99/mo
  3. /29 additional subnet for only $5/mo
  4. /28 additional subnet for only $13/mo
  5. IPv6 upon request (free)
  6. Bring your own IPs (min size /24) w/ LOA ($15/mo or $150/yr)
  7. Free BGP

Network Information

+ Speedtest.net Server: http://1gservers.speedtest.net/

+ Direct file download: http://1gservers.com/1GBtest.zip

+ Test IP:

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